Visiting Brussels

By Brendan Hogan

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Brussels is a beautiful city and a great place to go on Holidays, despite the rumors that it is one of the most boring cities in the world. The city offers a number of activities; whether you are alone or with friends and/or family. There are also so many great places to eat at. I was recently in Belgium – more specifically in Brussels –  and I was kindly asked if I could write a guide for people who want to visit Brussels. Having lived there for 14 years, I will share my insider’s knowledge on some of Brussels’ best spots and culinary destinations.
Let me start by saying that Belgium’s history is rich in culture, full of interesting stories and filled with a plethora of notable people. If you are in Brussels for a week some time, you should at least visit a few places. Firstly, the military museum, “MUSÉE ROYAL DE L’ARMÉE ET D’HISTOIRE MILITAIRE”, which is my favorite, not only for the masses of weapons, vehicles and history stored in this museum, but also because at the top of the museum, you climb to the top of the arch and enjoy an exquisite view. The next two places are more or less town squares: Place Flagey, a very nice open square to relax in and eat some Belgian french fries, and La Grande Place – the big place – a beautiful and timeless part of town with magnificent buildings and great food. Also, it is close to the Manneken-Pis, a 20cm statue of a urinating boy (sometimes dressed up for events such as Saint Patrick’s Day and the Belgium national day). Last but not least, the Atomiuma, a large structure shaped like an elementary iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times.
Still, the most important thing Brussels has to offer is its food. If you go to Belgium you must try all the following: Belgian Chocolate, fries, muscles, waffles and beer (if of age). Both waffles and chocolate are delicious wherever they are served in Belgium. For the best french fries in brussels, go to a place called Maison Antoine; it is near Place Flagey. And now for the best part, my favorite restaurant: Le Chou de Bruxelles.  It is a place that is full of real Belgian cooking. You can find it on Rue de Florence where, coincidentally, I used to live.

So, that is where I end my tour of Brussels. I hope that you will visit it and enjoy it very much.

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